Landscape Design & Installation


Art is never a "one size fits all" proposition.

At Tropical Landscape Solutions, we don't consider landscapes to be a pre-packaged commodity or a template-driven service. Instead, we see landscapes as a means of self-expression, each standing on its own as an individual and unique artistic design.

Our designs acknowledge the importance of context - for example, the landscape's surroundings, or its intended use. Is it a small backyard or a sprawling estate? Will it be mostly ornamental, or is it intended for daily use? Once we discover the landscape's equilibrium in this way, we begin the design process.

With every project, we strive for a balance between preservation and beautification.  We draw upon the art and science of analysis, planning, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land to guide us. And we develop our ideas and concepts using computer-aided design technology, which helps clients understand and visualize our designs.

Our goal is to turn your landscape into a work of art that reflects you, your tastes, and your life. Scroll through our project gallery and take a look at some of the designs we're most proud of.