Did You Know?

  • While whitefly has been around for years in Florida, Spiraling whitefly is a fairly new pest to our state.  In March, 2009, a whitefly (Aleurodicus rugioperculatus ), was collected in Miami-Dade County from gumbo limbo. This was the first report of this insect on the U.S. continent and it is believed to originate from Central America.

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  • By thinking about the following ten items you will be able to help the Landscape Architect or design professional realize your goals and create a landscape that is truely your own:

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Why Choose Tropical Landscape Solutions?


At Tropical Landscape Solutions, we believe that every landscape seeks its own equilibrium, its own natural balance between complementary forces.

Nature and civilization. Artistry and practicality. Simplicity and elegance. These are the elements we bring to every project we do - large or small, corporate or residential.

Our commitment to a higher design aesthetic is what sets us apart from other landscaping companies. Whether you're looking for something that stands out or blends in, Tropical can provide the perfect fit - almost as if it was designed by Nature herself.